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7 Short-Term Missions to Check Out

Have you been called to be a missionary? Do you think you have? Do you want to go on a short-term trip to figure that out? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the next thing you should do is figure out what organization to go with. Here are 7 mission organizations you might want to consider.

Note: trip costs have not been included in this article because of the variation based on location and duration.

1. Misfits On A Mission

This is a missionary group based in Turtle Creek, PA. Scott Bowman is the current head of the group. The Misfits serve Southwestern PA with smaller projects such as serving meals and building ramps for the disabled. They also function as a disaster response team. Bowman and volunteers will go to areas affected by natural disasters and will help construct and repair homes and buildings. The group also takes an annual 10-day trip to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The group does a lot of good work here, like building wells, repainting churches, giving care packages to mothers, and putting on VBS programs for children.

Note from website creator: I've known Scott Bowman's family for a long time and had the privilege to join them on their 2022 Dominican trip, so I can personally confirm that this is a great group. The people are Christ-loving, welcoming, and hard-working. I recommend this group if you like to laugh and sweat.


ENVISION is a short-term mission organization created by the Christian & Missionary Alliance denomination. The group has 23 sites across the world, in places like the USA, Peru, Germany, and Japan. ENVISION has many different ministries you can work in, but each location is different. You could work as a tutor in Los Angeles, run a soccer team in Ecuador, work as a barista in Taiwan, or make art in Berlin. They offer different ways to serve: Trips are 7-10 days at any site, Internships are 1-11 months at most sites, Trek Year are 1-2 semesters at any site, GiveBack is 1 month - 2 years at any site, Alliance Volunteer Opportunities are 1 month - 2 years at any site, and Residency is 2 years at any site.

3. Teen Missions International

Teen Missions International offers month-long summer mission trips for teenagers. The locations are changed every year. Here are some of their trips for summer 2023 as an example: a medical trip to Malawi, teaching English in Taiwan, and construction trips all over Australia, Europe, and South America. All trips also include a few days of training in Florida before leaving the country.

4. Ethnos360

Ethnos360 is a mission organization that focuses on reaching unreached people groups. Their two main missions are church planting and Bible translation. They have four short-term programs: Wayumi is 3-7 days in Pennsylvania, Encounter is 2-3 weeks in the Philippines or another country, Interface is 5-6 weeks in Papua New Guinea or Brazil, and 2-12 month Internships in Papua New Guinea or the US.

5. SEND International

SEND International is an interdenominational organization that sends short-term and long-term missionaries all over the world. Some of the countries they have short-term programs in are: Canada, Croatia, India, Japan, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, and Vietnam (check out their website too - they have a lot more countries!). You can choose which area of missions you want to focus on, like church planting, youth ministry, or discipleship, for example. Then you can see the more specific ministries, such as prayer walks, coffee houses, and international student outreach. They also have trips that function as internships with college credits. They also offer opportunities to work with refugees and immigrants in New York City, and trips to minister to remote Alaskan towns.

6. International Mission Board

IMB is an old and well-known organization. It was founded in 1845 by Southern Baptists. They just started Project 3000; a project that will send 300 missionaries in the next 5 years to reach the 3,072 people groups that have yet to experience the Gospel. Sound exciting? Apply! They've only sent 6 people so far. Is that too big of a responsibility for now? That's okay too! They have a ton of short-term trips ranging from 1 week - 2 months or more. You can choose to serve on any continent with a variety of people groups. So if you're not being called to Project 3000, try serving the deaf in Southeast Asia, working as a city planner in Uganda, playing sports in Chile, or checking out all of their other cool opportunities.

7. OMF International

If you have ever studied missions before, you may remember the China Inland Mission. But over the decades they began reaching outside of China more and more, and renamed themselves OMF International in 1993. They still focus on East Asian countries but also have opportunities to serve the East Asian diaspora in countries like Australia, Belgium, South Africa, the USA. But you can also do many kinds of short-term work in East Asia, like ministering to followers of traditional Chinese religion in Taiwan, serving kids at a boarding school in Thailand, or work at a mountain biking company in a Southeast Asian country. OMF's mission trips range from 2 weeks - 3 years.

Other Missionary Organizations:

- Pioneers

- Africa Inland Mission

- Mission Go


- Anglican Frontier Missions

- Baptist World Mission

- Mission 21

- Church Mission Society

- Hard as Nails Ministry

- Youth With A Mission

- Wycliffe Global Alliance

*Don't Forget!*

You can always check your home church and denomination and see if they do any trips.



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