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Creative Access: an Interview with a Missionary to the Middle East

The missionary's name, gender, and where they work. You won't find answers to those questions in this article. That's because the missionary in this article lives and works in a creative access country. There are other names for them, but it means that Christians aren't allowed in the country or those that are there aren't allowed to share the gospel. These countries tend to persecute Christians heavily and have a low percentage of the population identifying as Christian. But these people still need Jesus, which is why some missionaries need to think of creative ways to get into the country.

The specific missionary I'm talking about grew up interested in missions and went on a mission trip as a teenager. But how they ended up in the mission field is a funny story. The missionary said that they had a college roommate they didn't like and when the roommate asked the missionary if they wanted to be roommates again, the missionary said the first excuse they could think of, "I can't-- I'm going to study abroad!"

So the missionary went and signed up for the first study abroad option they saw: a trip to the Middle East. They didn't know any Arabic but they went anyway and had a blast. They returned to the US with their heart set on going back and becoming a missionary. And that's just what they did.

The missionary now speaks Arabic and has lived there for about a decade. They teach English to children and adults, which is how they were able to creatively gain access to the country, and then invites the people over for a Bible study and other similar events. They and their team are on the front lines of the mission field and they're making an impact in the Middle East.


Interview conducted on August 18, 2022



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