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The Football Mission: Mike & Ruth Davis

This is from an interview conducted by Hannah Hargraves on August 19, 2022.

This is the story of Mike and Ruth Davis, missionaries of Christ and American Football to Portugal.

Mike and Ruth met in college while studying to become missionaries. They quickly fell in love and married. The couple was send to São Paulo, Brazil where they lived for more than 20 years. They ran a church where their whole family served musically, and two of their kids are still living and serving there today. But Mr. and Mrs. Davis felt called somewhere else. Portugal. The Davises started a Christian & Missionary Alliance church in a small town and the church has been steadily growing. One day, one of the church attendees asked Mr. David if he would be interested in coaching a local American football team. He wasn’t sure about at first since he didn’t have a lot of football experience and he was busy with the new church, but he agreed. He led practices with local men in the evenings and invited them to come to his church. One Christmas Eve the whole team showed up to his church. The Davises are living proof that you can use all of your talents to serve God and spread his word. Whether you’re playing piano or football, you always have an opportunity to spread God’s love.


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